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Faculty & Staff



The Ballet Academy Founder + Principal, mummy to her future prima ballerinas Natalie and Eleora, dark chocolate connoisseur and overall boss lady, RAD Certified Teacher with almost two decades of experience!


School Manager

Macau-Singapore native, Adelina loves snacking (dark choc, fried chicken or anything in between) just as much as she loves Swan Lake and Winnie the Pooh. Adelina is also half-Portuguese, half-Chinese.


Ballet Mistress

Cindy believes that FOUNDATION is key! A self-proclaimed foodie, she is always on the lookout for good food. In her free time, you can find her narrating stories, or watching Marvel movies.

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Ballet Mistress

Having lived in Taiwan, Lin Fong can't live without her milk tea and spicy food! Outside of Ballet, she's also passionate about Jazz, Hip-Hop and even Tai Chi.

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Ballet Instructor

Cat owner and whose spirit animal is (of course) a cat, Liling is all about cats! If you don't find her in the studio, she is probably exploring the world and sunbathing on a beach in Greece.

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Ballet Instructor

With Hip Hop and Ballet as her favourite dance genres, Emily believes that quality over quantity is the key to perfecting her craft. Though not a huge foodie, she loves spring onions and pistachio ice cream! 

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Studio Admin

A vegetarian and avid G.E.M. fangirl,
you can find Vny belting '泡沫‘ (by G.E.M. of course!) or binging an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

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 Ballet Mistress

Though she has never visited the country, Jocelyn loves Japanese food, especially Matcha snacks! Having experience in Ballet and Chinese Dance, she believes in dancing with JOY and PASSION.

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Ballet Instructor

From windsurfing to visiting cold countries, Yee San stands by her motto 'enjoy the process'! You can find her with a cup of tea, a slice of cake, watching a murder mystery series.

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Ballet Instructor

If she were an animal she'd be a fish, Jessica has her roots in Chinese Classical Dance. She loves a good attitude derrière, aside from strawberry ice cream and 小笼包 (xiao long bao).


Ballet Instructor

With a penchant for jumps, turns and all things adagio, Seonhye believes in dancing happily! You can find her indulging in a slice of bread, singing songs from IVE's latest album.

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Studio Admin

A fan of K-pop, anime and manga, you will probably find Xin Yi munching on a bar of chocolate while catching an episode of Konan.

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