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Libby Hanley

Professionally trained to advanced levels in Ballet, Contemporary, Modern Theatre, Jazz and Tap Dance, you will find Libby choreographing Jazz and Lyrical pieces in the studio just for fun! Her go to snack is a breakfast cup of tea and a biscuit (very English!).


 Professional Diploma from Dance Academy South West, BA (Hons) Degree in Ballet Education from the Royal Academy of Dance, Licenciate (Masters) in Modern Theatre (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing), Diploma in Dance Education Tap Dance (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing), Acrobatic Arts Module 2 (advanced grades to pre-professional).  


What age did you start dancing?


Favorite ballet step?

Fouette Turns


Favorite ice cream flavor?

Mint Choc Chip


Go-to snack?

A breakfast cup of tea and a biscuit (very English!) 


If you were an animal, what animal would you be?



Do you prefer ballet or other styles of dance?

My Heart is – Ballet – This was my first style and is the foundation for all dancing.  

My Body is – Jazz and Modern Dance – it suits my body the most with big jumps and inverted lines and much of the technique comes from ballet and contemporary.  

My Soul is – American Tap Dance – The rhythms, the complexity, the musicality – so much passion about this style which is exciting and so cool! 

My Mind is – Acrobatics – I love to know the science behind every part of the body and how it works to create something so super human but safely like a back walkover or handspring. 


What are you currently watching on Netflix (or TV)?

Emily in Paris


Go-to karaoke song?

Anything from Lady Gaga


Pet peeve?

Over crossed 5th positions! Badly made cups of tea! 


Fun fact!

I learnt French & Korean during university until Intermediate level ;)


Favorite ballet or dance work?

Swan Lake 


Celebrity crush?

Johnny Depp


Where would you go on your dream vacation?



Something you can't live without.

Coffee, colourful clothes, my roller skates!


Piece of advice for other dancers?

Dancing is an ART not a sport, remember to enjoy, express and tell a story to your audience – be an artist painting a fantastic picture, not a sprinter trying to go the fastest. 

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