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Our Adult Ballet Classes are designed for adults of all ages and abilities to drop-in anytime.

Classes are open-ended and tailored to the needs of the students in each class – exercises are progressive week after week. Transition from one level to the next can occur once you feel prepared.

Ballet Fundamentals


Suitable for adults with zero experience or prior ballet knowledge. For adults who want a fixed course and learn the bare basics of ballet. After completing the course, dancers can join Beginner 1 or the graded class.

Ballet Fundamentals is a 10-week course that will teach new dancers the basics of ballet technique and terminology.

Beginner 1

Suitable for adults who have completed Ballet Fundamentals or with some ballet experience. Great for adults who learned ballet previously and have taken a long break from dancing.


B1 is taught at a slow pace with focus on the basics at barre and centre. Exercises are repetitive to develop technique and movement vocabulary. Steps & Exercises Include: plie, battement tendu, retire passe, releve, grand battement, centre port de bras, balance / waltz, and sautes.

Beginner 2


Suitable for adults who have completed Beginner 1 or with at least 6 months of ballet experience. For dancers who want to build upon their ballet foundation with a medium-paced class.

B2 builds off the previous knowledge taught B1 with longer exercises whilst also introducing new steps to widen dancers' movement vocabulary. Steps & Exercises Include: adage, centre practice, waltz, and pirouettes.



Suitable for adults who have completed Beginner 2 or with at least 1 year of ballet experience. For experienced dancers who seek a fast-paced class with introduction to some advanced steps.

Steps & Exercises in Intermediate will be presented in more complex combinations at a faster musical tempo both at barre and centre. Adage, pirouettes and various allegros, including grand allegro (big jumps) will all be covered.


RAD Graded

Adult Ballet

Suitable for adults with at least one year of ballet experience.

This class is a Royal Academy of Dance syllabus class with the option to go for examinations.

Silver Swans


Adult seniors aged 55+ with little to no previous experience dancing ballet.

Specially designed for older adult beginners, this class is taught by a RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Silver Swans Licensee. Class is taught at a slow pace to accommodate mature dancers. The structure of this class is on a 10-week term basis where dancers must come every week for class.

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