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We are constantly exploring opportunities to offer top-quality dance lessons beyond our studio premises.

We offer customisable external programmes for schools of all levels and ages

that can be held at a location of your preference to suit the needs of each school.

View each type of programme below.



Since 2019, we have been proudly working with pre-schools to nurture children through our Creative Movement Programme.

This programme is designed to teach children body and spatial awareness whilst they work to improve their body coordination, control and overall strength. To do this, we focus on learning opportunities through play. Learning through play is an effective hands-on approach that helps to enhance children's motivation in a fun, creative manner.


In addition to physical development, we also help children establish a sustained focus of mind and body. Through creative movement, children are able to work on skills that are not as emphasised on in the academic classroom such as motor skills, creativity and imagination, visual-spacial learning, and teamwork.

As a result of our Creative Movement Programme, children are better able to look at problems in new ways and exercise their critical thinking skills.

Schools & Clients:


Since 2018, we have been conducting custom dance programmes for schools around Singapore.

At TBA, we believe that dance is about developing a robust foundation and character of an individual, instilling a rigour to always put your best foot forward, and discovering your own voice thought the expression of movement.


Our tailored programmes aim to help students empower themselves by igniting their passion for creativity and storytelling through movement. Students will be exposed to key domains of social and emotional skills focused on helping them recognize and manage their emotions, develop care and concern for their friends, make creative decisions through choreography, and establish positive relationships. In doing so, we hope that students' will cultivate their own artistic voice and utilize dance as a form of personal expression to become a more versatile and creative citizen.

Schools & Clients: