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Benefits of Learning Ballet As A Senior

As we get older, it is important to keep our bodies healthy and strong. What better way to stay in shape than exercise with ballet! With ballet, not only will you learn the graceful movements of ballet steps, but ballet is also an energizing full-body workout that challenges both the body and mind. Ballet class is a great way to keep active, express yourself, and make new friends who also share a love of dance.

Here are some benefits of learning ballet as a senior.

Ballet helps to improve posture, coordination and body mobility.

It is no secret that as the body ages, it becomes rigid and weak. Ballet can help reinvigorate the body to combat muscle atrophy and loosen up stiff joints. Because ballet is so focused on footwork and articulating the muscles in the ankle, foot and toes, research has also shown that dance can help minimize falls as it improves balance and body awareness. In addition, ballet can help provide physical therapy for existing conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis due to its focus on correcting posture, technique and flexibility.

Ballet is mentally stimulating and can lead to a more positive well-being.

While ballet is physically demanding, it is also mentally stimulating. Ballet is a mental workout to always stay on your toes (pun) throughout class. When doing an exercise in class, you must always think about how you do a movement or step like a battement tendu (keeping correct posture, brushing through the foot, core engaged, etc, etc), staying on the beat of the music (remember, this is a dance class!), and you must also remember the steps of the combination! As a result, ballet helps to increase cognitive ability in seniors and keeps their brains alert and engaged, leading to a more positive well-being.

Everyone knows ballet is very hard. But having others in class that are in the same boat as you is very comforting. Being in ballet class with other dancers of the same age and skill level as you can help introduce a sense of camaraderie and form those strong #balletbuddy bonds dancers develop with each other! Weekly ballet class can transform into a social event to meet new people who share the same interests as you.

Ballet is fun!

If other forms of entertainment and exercise for seniors like aerobics or knitting aren’t your cup of tea, try ballet! Ballet isn’t just for kids, or even teenagers and young, fit, working adults. Learning ballet is without a doubt hard, and learning ballet at an older age is even harder. For whatever personal reasons you have for learning ballet as a senior, these factors resonate more deeply with you and in turn provide a stronger passion for learning. Come and try a beginner’s class and uncover your secret passion for dance!


Check out our Silver Swans Class!

This class is a beginner ballet class, specifically designed for older dancers, aged 55 and over. Taught by an RAD Silver Swans Licensee.

Contact us for a trial class.


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