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Dance Appreciation: Cinderella

In this Dance Appreciation series blog, we will be introducing you to Cinderella!

Cinderella is a classical ballet which consists of 3 acts. The world premiere of the original version of Cinderella was on 21 November 1945 at Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow. This year, Cinderella was also performed at Singapore Ballet, choreographed by Artistic Director Janek Schergen.


From Left:

Cinderella, Fairy Godmother, Prince, Stepmother, Stepsisters

Did you know?

In many dance productions, the role of the stepsisters are taken on by male dancers, to add a comical element to the show.

Original Choreography: Rostislav Zakharov

Musical Score: Sergei Prokofiev

Based on: Charles Perrault's "Cendrillon ou la petite pantoufle de verre"

Prokofiev began composing the music for Cinderella in 1940 but put it on hold during World War II as he wrote his opera War and Peace. He finally completed the score a year later after the war.



Act I: Cinderella’s Home

The stepsisters are anxiously preparing for the palace ball, while Cinderella is sweeping the floor and gazes at her mother’s portrait longingly. Cinderella dances across the room with the broom, as she dreams of waltzing with the prince at the ball.


An old beggar woman appears at the door, and Cinderella gives her bread. After everyone has left, the beggar reveals herself as her Fairy Godmother. The Fairies of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter help prepare Cinderella for the ball. Fairy Godmother warns Cinderella that she must leave the ball before midnight.


Act II: The Spring Ball

Cinderella’s father and stepsisters arrive at the ball where the jester welcomes the guests. Cinderella arrives in a coach and everyone, including the prince, is captivated by her beauty. The prince presents her rare oranges as they declare their love for each other. Amidst the festivities, the clock strikes midnight. Cinderella rushes from the palace and loses one of her slippers. The prince finds it and vows to find Cinderella again.


Act III: After the Ball

Back at home, Cinderella admires the beautiful slipper as the stepsisters boast about their evening at the ball. The Prince arrives, searching for the owner of the glass slipper. The stepsisters squeeze into the slipper but are unable to make it fit. The prince asks for Cinderella to try the slipper, which fit perfectly. The Fairy Godmother appears and unites the lovers. They live happily ever after.

Here are some of the most iconic scenes in Cinderella :

Watch the Stepsisters in English National Ballet's Cinderella here




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