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Faculty Feature: Hannah

Learn more about Teacher Hannah, an integral part of our #TBATeam and today's #FacultyFeature!

Since joining TBA in August 2020, Hannah has completed her RAD Teacher Certification and most recently completed her Advanced Foundation exam with us. Find out more about her favorite dance memories and how she has evolved as a young teacher below!

How and when did you start dancing?

I started dancing at the age of 5. I only started because of my close friend – she joined the ballet studio beside our childcare centre and I pestered my mom to sign me up too!

What do you enjoy most about dance?

Dancing allows me to put everything aside for a short period of time. I love to be in the moment, listening to the music and understanding the way my body is moving and just focusing on myself.

What made you decide to pursue a career in dance?

When I started dancing, I was inspired by the teachers who taught me and wanted to become like them.

What is your favorite ballet step and why?

I really enjoy doing allegros (jumps)! Although it’s really tiring, allegros make me feel like I’m flying.

What is your favorite dance memory?

I think I have many favourites... they are all performance memories and rehearsal times. I really enjoy the bond and time I spend with fellow dancers where everyone is working towards the same goal and radiating that same passion.

Other than those, my favourite memory would be hitting a quadruple pirouette! 😛

You recently completed your Advanced Foundation exam. What was that experience like learning AF and going for the exam?

The experience was exciting and challenging, yet also exhausting. There are so many new steps covered in AF and the increase in pointe work required me to work even harder. I enjoyed the challenges, but at times I also do feel frustrated because I faced many difficulties nailing my pirouettes and pointe work.

What is your favorite aspect about teaching ballet?

My favourite part about teaching ballet is when I see my students get stronger and improve as time goes by!

What is something you only learned about teaching ballet only after you started teaching?

I used to plan my classes as best as I could with a pretty fixed plan, but after I started teaching I realised that many things don’t happen the way I want them to because of the way different people learn. Now, I do roughly plan out what I want to cover in class but most of the time I think it’s easier to go with the flow of the class on that day.

Also, I only learned more about how to break down ballet steps better when I started teaching. I have learnt that everyone interpret movements differently and different people understand different explanations better.

If you didn’t choose a dance career, what do you think you would be doing?

Air stewardess! I have always wanted to try it and I like to travel!

Where can you be found outside of the studio (other hobbies)?

In another studio 😂 dancing contemporary!

What advice do you have for younger dancers / your students?

Start working hard young especially with things like strength and flexibility! And it is very important to have a strong foundation! Lastly, I don’t think dance is about perfecting the steps, don’t forget to enjoy the process and remember why you love to dance.


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