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Setting Realistic Dance Goals

Why should I set dance goals? 🎯

Dance goals are a good way to set concrete steps to achieve personal growth as a dancer. It gives you something to work towards in your dance journey, attaining confidence and technical skills along the way.

Goal Setting

Before goal setting, take some time to reflect on your dance journey. Identify strengths and areas for improvement to understand which areas require more refinement.


When setting goals,

  1. Determine whether it is a long term or short term goal

Long term goals can be goals that you would like to achieve in a few years. For example, becoming a professional dancer.

Short term goals can be steps to achieve the long term goal, or checkpoints in pursit of your long term goal. Some examples are:

  • Practice dancing at home twice a week

  • Stretch daily at home

2. Sort goals into different categories

Identify which category each goal belongs in. Try to have a holistic set of goals which can allow you to progress in different areas as a dancer while taking care of your physical and mental well-being.

Here are some areas you can consider:

Types of dance goals





Strength and endurance


Jumps: energy, amplitude, speed

Pirouettes: spotting, alignment





Trying out choreography, improvisation


Sleep, nutrition

Tips for goal setting

  • Be specific!

  • Gain inspiration from other dancers

  • Don't be afraid to try new things!


Is my goal is attainable?

Refine your goals using the SMART goal formula


Is my goal targeted and specific enough?


Can I quantify my goals? Is there a progress indicator I can use?


Can I achieve this within my specified time frame?


Does this goal align with my values and larger goals?


By when do I want to achieve this goal?

Track your progress. If it seems unattainable at the moment, modify the goals to suit your current level.

Refer to this website for more information on SMART goals!

For dancers with BIG dreams, take it one step at a time, with hard work and determination you will get there! Don't be afraid to share your goals with your instructor so that they can help you in your journey. Dream on and keep dancing! 🌟


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