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Student Feature: Kat

Learn more about adult student Kat, today's #StudentFeature!

Since starting ballet at TBA in September 2019, Kat has been a regular face in our Adult Ballet Classes. She currently dances twice a week, once being in the Silver Swans class.

Find out more about her ballet journey so far below!

How and when did you start dancing? What made you want to begin your ballet journey?

When my granddaughter joined ballet class at TBA, I wanted to be able to dance with her. I found out that TBA also has ballet classes for adults so I signed up to try ballet! I started in 2019, then I also joined Silver Swans when it opened in 2020. I have been dancing twice a week since then.

I wanted to learn ballet since I was young, but it was not possible as my parents couldn’t afford it. Now, I am learning ballet so I can dance with my granddaughter!

What do you enjoy most about dance?

I enjoy moving with the music. I feel very relaxed and like the stretching feeling of my limbs when dancing.

What is your favorite ballet step and why?

Pirouettes! I love the spinning feeling when I hold the pirouette position. I feel tall when doing pirouettes!

What’s it like to learn ballet as an adult, especially a more mature adult!

How has TBA helped you reach your ballet goals?

TBA teachers are very patient, professional and experienced. They are able to point out my mistakes and provide me with solutions to improve. Teachers address us by name and know our weaknesses, so they can advise accordingly. Thus, we can improve and dance better.

After learning ballet, I feel I can stand straighter with nicer posture. My muscles are stronger, my arms are toned, and in general I have become more flexible.

Do you have any goals you'd like to achieve this year?

I want to be able to do the splits!

Do you have any words of wisdom/advice for people who have just started on their ballet journey or who are scared to start ballet at a later age?

Take small steps at a time to enjoy learning slowly and improving incrementally. Don’t forget to practice at home!

What’s the funniest thing an instructor has said to keep you going?

When my teachers say "Well done Kat" and "Here you go Kat,” but I actually feel like I’m not doing so well… It's very encouraging and keeps me going!


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